Flood Precautions Advised in Advance of Heavy Rains


Communication Office, Vermont Department of Health, 802-863-7281 
Mark Bosma, Public Information Officer, Vermont Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, (800) 347-0488

BURLINGTON – With record rain levels in May, near record levels in June, and periods of heavy rain predicted this evening, the Vermont Department of Health and Vermont Emergency Management are reminding everyone to heed warnings and take all precautions to protect health and safety.

Stay tuned to local news for current information and plan ahead for power outages and potentially moving to higher ground.

Never walk or drive through flooded areas. Even a few inches on the road can cause your vehicle to hydroplane and crash. The power of rushing water can quickly erode and wash out roadways, making them hazardous.
Prepare for power outages. Fill water containers now in case the power goes out and you lose the use of safe running water for drinking or cooking. Power up your cell phones and flashlights now, just in case. If the power goes out, keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed to keep foods safe.
Stay well away from downed power lines and trees even if if looks like there’s clearance. With current conditions, a tree halfway down can come crashing down without warning. Electricity can travel through water and hurt or kill you.
Beware of high waters: When it floods, rivers, streams and roads may carry harmful bacteria and chemicals. High waters mean that favorite swimming areas may be too dangerous for boating, swimming and recreation at this time.

Private drinking water wells may be affected by flooding. If there is a change in quality – odor or taste of well water – assume that it is contaminated, take all precautions and get it tested to make sure it is safe to drink.
For health and safety information before and after a flood visit: http://healthvermont.gov/enviro/water/flood.aspx#cleanup