Services Offered


The lab calibrates the following hydrometers to ensure compliance with Vermont Maple Laws and Regulations and to ensure accuracy in the production and testing of maple syrup:

Sap:      0-10% by 0.1 Degrees Brix @ 38 Degrees F
Syrup:  25-40 Degrees Baume @ 60 Degrees F
             50-71 Degrees Brix @ 60 Degrees F


The lab calibrates the following range of weights to ensure their accuracy in both industry and legal enforcement applications:

Mass:  1000.00 lb. to 0.001 lb.
            30.00 Kg to 1.0 gram.

Field Standards

The lab calibrates field standards for volume used primarily in the inspection and calibration of retail motor fuel dispensers.

Volume Transfer:  5 – 10 gallons.

Parties requesting calibration services must schedule an appointment.  Cast iron weights need to be cleaned, and if needed, painted following the requirements in NIST Handbook 105-1 Section 2.  Five gallon test measures brought to the lab for testing need to be cleaned both inside and out, including the sight glass.