Fertilizer & Lime - Applications & Forms

Product Registration Instructions

1) Fill in all information pertaining to the registrant and the correspondent company at the top of the application.  Fill in the correspondent’s federal identification number.  Enter the number of nutrients in the space provided at the top and fill in the total fee.  Fill in the product information and include all minor nutrients and percentages under additional plant nutrients.       

2) Sign and date the application.

3) Return the form with the proper fee, along with a LABEL for each product to be registered. Include labels no larger than 8½" x 11" for ALL products that are being registered.  DO NOT send large labels or bags - a copy of these labels is sufficient

The registration fee per brand or grade is $20 per guaranteed plant nutrient, with a maximum fee of $140.00 per brand or grade.  There is no fee for silica or chlorine.

Products being offered for sale in Vermont which are not registered may be subject to stop sale and/or administrative action. 

PLEASE NOTE:  All incomplete applications received and applications with oversized labels will be returned, unprocessed.  Your attention to detail is appreciated.

If there are any questions, please contact the Vermont Agency of Agriculture License and Registration section.

Applications & Forms

Application for Registration of Fertilizer
Application for Registration of Lime & Limestone 

Fertilizer Tonnage Report