Fertilizer & Lime

Fertilizer Program

The fertilizer program provides for the registration, inspection and analysis of all commercial fertilizer products sold in Vermont. The purpose of the inspection and analysis is to ensure that fertilizer users are receiving a product that meets the chemical guarantee specified by the labeling.

Penalties are assessed to manufacturers for products that are deficient in nitrogen, available phosphoric acid or phosphorous, and soluble potash or potassium content. The value of the penalty is based on the labeling guarantee percentage, the percent deficient and the total sample weight. If a product is consigned to a consumer then the penalty is paid to that person. If no person is identified, then the penalty is paid to the Agency. No penalties are assessed for trace mineral violations. Annual analysis summary reports are available through the Agency.

Fertilizer manufacturers and dealers are required to register their commercial products with the Agency. The annual registration fee is $20 per nutrient guarantee, or a maximum of $140 per product. The registration fees directly fund the sampling and analysis program. Fertilizer tonnage fees are also required. The fees for Agricultural products are $.50 per ton with minimum fee of $150 that is sold in Vermont.  Non-Agricultural products are $30.00 per ton with a minimum fee of $150 that is sold in Vermont. 

Lime Program

Lime means all products whose calcium and magnesium compounds are capable of neutralizing soil acidity and which are intended or distributed for agricultural or plant propagation purposes. For the purposes of this regulation, the terms agricultural lime, lime or liming material shall have the same meaning and includes industrial wastes or by-products which contain calcium, magnesium and/or potassium compounds capable of neutralizing soil acidity.

Each brand or grade of lime must be registered before being sold in Vermont.