Animal Health Emergency Management

Vermont Agency of Agriculture Involvement

The Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS) Act, signed by President Bush in 2006 requires that local and state emergency preparedness authorities include plans for pets and service animals in their disaster plans in order to qualify for grants from FEMA. The Agency understands that successful emergency response plans for people often depend on the plans for those peoples’ pets and livestock. The Vermont Agency of Agriculture plays an important role in emergency response related to companion animals and livestock. The Agency's partners in all hazard response initiatives include other state and federal agencies, the Vermont Veterinary Medical Association, and local animal emergency response groups such as the Vermont Disaster Animal Response Teams.

For more information on the plans the Agency is involved in for response to natural and man-made disasters and disease outbreaks, please click on the Emergency Plans tab to the right.

Veterinarian Involvement

There are many opportunities for Vermont veterinarians to be involved in emergency response at the local and nation level. Please click on the links below for more information:

Vermont Veterinary Medical Association

National Animal Health Emergency Response Corps

American Veterinary Medical Association

Vermont Emergency Management

Vermont Disaster Animal Response Teams

Vermont Emergency Response Volunteers

Community Emergency Response Teams