Vermont Volunteer Responder Management System (RMS)


Vermont’s Volunteer Responder Management System (RMS) is an interactive notification database maintained by the Vermont Department of Health.  Vermont veterinarians have the ability to register, through the VVMA, as a member of the RMS.  By doing so, veterinarians will automatically be placing themselves on a roster of medical professionals who could be called upon if needed to provide assistance during emergencies impacting companion animals or livestock, including natural disasters, nuclear emergencies or contagious disease outbreaks.

In the event of a widespread disaster, the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets' state veterinarians have responsibility for mitigating the impact of the event on companion animals, livestock, and the pet owning public.  State veterinarians rely heavily on colleagues in the private sector to support this effort and assist if possible.

RMS Registration

The Vermont Veterinary Medical Association's Animal Welfare Committee currently oversees the administration and maintenance of the database of veterinarians.  If you are interested in registering as a responder, contact the VVMA at (802)878-6888, or click here.