Veterinarians/Veterinary Technicians

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets partners with Vermont veterinarians on various projects and initiatives, including emergency preparedness, disease testing and prevention, accreditation, and educational loan repayments.

To obtain an import permit, information pertaining to animal health-related issues in Vermont, or information pertaining to any program administered by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture's Animal Health Section, contact the Vermont Agency of Agriculture.

Ordering Tuberculin for Caudal Fold Testing

Veterinarians are now required to order PPD for tuberculosis testing from the National Veterinary Services Lab in Ames, IA. This will allow the NVSL Brucella and Mycobacteria REagent Team staff to better evaluate the quantity of tuberculin PPD required and possible vial volume best suited for scheduled testing. To order PPD, please fill the following two forms: the VS 9-4 and the supplemental ordering form.

Veterinarians should allow 10 days to process an order and should be aware that the lab does not ship orders on Fridays. No users fees are required for cattle testing, including cattle being exported.

Please contact the regional USDA office located in Sutton, MA, at (508) 363-2290 with any questions.

Options for obtaining CVIs and Coggins forms

  • Utilize the free electronic certificates (eCVIs) - call the animal health office at (802)828-2421 to schedule a tutorial
  • Order from the State of Vermont Corrections printing center by calling (802)334-8997 - approximately $0.12 per copy
  • Utilize companies such as Global Vet Link
Coggins forms
  • Utilize companies such as Larch Hill or Global Vet Link
  • Order from the State of Vermont Corrections printing center by calling (802)334-8997 - approximately $0.17 per copy
  • Order free of charge from USDA by calling (508)363-2290. 

Information about rabies in Vermont

  • Department of Health website for rabies information
  • Wildlife guidance for veterinarians
  • To obtain instructions for rabies sample submission from a Vermont animal, contact:
    Dr. Natalie Kwit
    State Public Health Veterinarian
    (800)640-4374 (VT only) or (802)863-7240

Information about requirements for exporting a livestock species or companion animals internationally

Information about requirements for exporting companion animals and livestock to another state

Other information of interest to veterinarians and veterinary technicians