Livestock Dealer/Transporter/Packer License

General Information

A livestock dealer is defined by 6 V.S.A. Chapter 63 Section 761 as a person going from place to place buying, selling or transporting livestock or operating a livestock auction or sales ring either on their own account or on commission. The word "person" includes any individual partnership, unincorporated association or corporation. The word "livestock" includes cattle, horses, sheep, swine, goats, camelids, fallow deer and red deer.

All livestock dealer applicants are inspected by the Agency of Agriculture's Animal Health Office prior to the issuance of a license.  Licensed Dealers and Transporters are obligated to ensure that all livestock entering Vermont under their care is accompanied by a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection within 30 days prior to importation and a permit (except horses) obtained by contacting the Animal Health Office.

Livestock Dealer's License

A livestock dealer’s license is required when a person buys livestock with the intent to resell without increasing the animals' value through some industry related activity, i.e. growing, finishing, etc. A livestock dealer’s license is also required when an individual acts as an agent for another person to sell livestock on commission or when a person transports livestock for others for remuneration.

Application for Livestock Dealer.

Livestock Transporter's License

A livestock transporter's license is a limited license, in that it is required of individuals transporting livestock belonging to others for remuneration. The holder of a transporter's license is not permitted to engage in the buying and selling of livestock. The transporting of animals by an individual who owns them is considered to be activity within the scope of regular farm operations and, therefore, does not require a transporter's license.

Application for Livestock Transporter.

Livestock Packer's License

A livestock packer's license is required for people who are slaughterhouse owners/operators who buy animals for slaughter at their own slaughter facility. Exemptions to the licensing requirement apply to farmers buying or selling livestock in the regular operation of their farm business and farmers holding auction sales in the regular operation of farm business.

Application for Livestock Packer.

Further questions

For questions regarding any of these licenses, or to obtain /renew a license, contact the Animal Health Office.