Reportable Diseases

oral lesion in a sick calfIn Vermont, certain livestock and poultry diseases are required to be reported to the Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets' Animal Health Office so that the Animal Health Section may work collaboratively with the herd veterinarian, owner and herdsperson to prevent the spread of contagious disease into naive livestock or poultry populations.

Reporting to the Agency of Agriculture

If a livestock or poultry owner discovers clinical signs in an animal that could be consistent with a highly contagious disease, that owner must immediately report the condition(s) to the herd or flock veterinarian. That veterinarian must then report his or her observations to the Vermont State Veterinarian so that steps may be taken to determine whether the disease present poses a significant risk to other livestock or poultry. The Animal Health Section's veterinarians and specialists will work closely with USDA to take steps to prevent disease spread. Refer to the U.S. National List of Reportable Animal Diseases for diseases to report in Vermont. All accredited veterinarians and animal disease diagnostic laboratories must immediately report the discovery of any domestic animal which is infected with or has been exposed to a reportable disease. The report should specify the location and description of the animal, the disease invovled and the name and address of the owner or person in possession of the animal and should be made to the state veterinarian via telepone (802) 828-2421 or fax (802) 828-5983.

Questions regarding reportable animal diseases should be directed to the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets' Animal Health Office.

Reporting to the Department of Health

Some animal diseases are zoonotic, which means that they can be transmitted from animals to people. Since these diseases pose a risk to public health, they are closely monitored by the Vermont Department of Health. Signs consistent with diseases such as rabies and botulism must be reported to the Department of Health. View a complete list of diseases reportable to the Vermont Department of Health.