Disease Prevention

There are many positive benefits of human-animal contact; however, infectious disease outbreaks related to such contacts are reported every year throughout the United States. Fortunately, there are resources available for use by producers, animal exhibitors, public health officials, veterinarians, and others that provide guidelines to minimize risks associated with animals in public settings.

Please click on the links below for guidelines and posters available for use:


Animals in a public setting - Compendium, National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians

Compendium Toolkit

Farms, Fairs, and Fun - Be Sure to Wash Your Hands!

Biosecurity and Animal Health Practices

Biosecurity Practices for Pasture-based Swine Operations

Biosecurity Recommendations for the National Resources Conservation Service


Handwashing Poster 1

Handwashing Poster 2

Handwashing Poster 3

Handwashing Poster Spanish