Livestock Care Standards Advisory Council

Council Overview

In 2009, the Vermont legislature authorized the formation of the Vermont Livestock Care Standards Advisory Council (LCSAC). This body, comprised of 14 members and Chaired by the Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, is tasked with advising the Secretary of Agriculture and the legislative committees on agriculture on issues relating to livestock well-being in the state of Vermont. The Council is also authorized to engage in educational and outreach initiatives meant to improve the welfare of Vermont's livestock animals.  The Council created bilingual outreach materials that outline best management practices for transporting cattle and calves and that are being disseminated to Vermont producers, licensed livestock dealers and transporters, and auction markets.  These materials will help to ensure all Vermonters are utilizing best management practices when engaging in livestock transport. 

Since its inception, the LCSAC has provided recommendations to the legislature on issues such as bovine and equine tail docking and the use of swine gestation crates in Vermont. Additionally, the Council has provided information to the Vermont Veterinary Medical Association's member veterinarians on the Veterinarians' Role in Animal Welfare Investigations. The LCSAC generally meets quarterly. All meetings are public and follow applicable Vermont regulations and laws pertaining to public meetings.

Additional Resources

View the statutory language authorizing the formation of the LCSAC.

Upcoming LCSAC meetings are posted on the Vermont Department of Libraries website.

To review minutes and position statements generated from prior meetings, click on the applicable link below:

Tail docking position statement - 2012
Swine gestation crate position statement - 2013
Act 83 letter to legislature - February 2014

H.299 position statement - March 2018

S.310 position statement - April 2018


Interested in serving on the Council?

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Meeting minutes are available upon request.  Please contact Dr. Kristin Haas to obtain copies of these documents.