Vermont Dairy Inspector Achieves FDA Certification

The Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets would like to recognize Steve Volk for completing the Food and Drug Administration training, standardization and certification as a Milk Sanitation Rating Officer.

For five years, Volk has performed inspection duties as part of the Agency’s oversight of the dairy industry in Vermont. Volk has provided inspection services and technical assistance to processing plants in throughout Vermont to assure that sanitation standards are followed, minimizing the risk of unsafe products entering the marketplace.

Vermont Agency of Agriculture Dairy Section Chief E.B. Flory had the chance to join Volk at the Agri-Mark/Cabot plant in Middlebury to see firsthand his skills and knowledge at work. 

“The best part of the day for me was to see Steven interact and work with numerous employees with many different roles at this plant,” Flory said. “To say they respect and trust Steven is an understatement. I had one employee tell me getting to work with Steven on any pasteurizer testing day were highlight work days for him and that he learns something new from Steven every time he works with him.”

Volk has been able to balance enforcing regulations with also being approachable and educating those that he works with. This helps the Agency maintain substantial compliance, while also being a positive group to work with for any farm or plant in Vermont.