The Great Grilled Cheese Tour

It's a simple sandwich filled with flavor. To celebrate National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day on April 12, we're going on a journey to taste some of the best grilled cheeses Vermont has to offer.

Feel Good at UVM

Their motto: “Ending World Hunger One Grilled Cheese at a Time...”

UVM FeelGood is a student-run, non-profit deli that operates three times a week in the basement of the Davis Center.  Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday students prepare Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches made with only the best local ingredients.

100% of the proceeds raised through FeelGood's grilled cheese sales goes to The Hunger Project, an innovative non-profit organization that works toward the sustainable end of world hunger by empowering and educating women. There's no doubt this feel good story, tastes good as well!


Monarch & The Milkweed

This gooey grilled cheese starts with two thick slices of Cyrus Pringle bread from the Red Hen Bakery. Handfulls of parmesan oregano partners with a blend of Grafton cheddar and Neighborly Farms colby for a flavor packed punch in every bite. Once grilled to crispy, cheesey perfection, the sandwich is paired with a nice sweet-spicy tomato soup for your dipping pleasure. Enjoy!

Edmunds Elementary/Middle School

Simply put, kids love the grilled cheese. Working to feed almost 400 students, the cooks at Edmunds make about 25 grilled cheeses per day. Ranging from turkey pepperoni to kale pesto, there's a grilled cheese for everyone. It's a special sandwich made with care that helps fuel our youngest Vermonters.


Mad River Taste Place

In an attempt to create the most decadent and crazy sandwich on the planet, the Harbison Grilled Cheese was born. It starts with Red Hen Mad River Glen bread (notice a trend here), globs of Blake Hill Mission Figs with Pears and Honey and a fat spread of Harbison cheese from Jasper Hill Farm. Watch the video and try not to get hungry.