Creemee From A Cop

                                                  Creemee From A Cop 

         Local Law Enforcement Joins Vermont Dairy Producers to Support Positive Community Interactions

What might you do for a free creemee?  One possible way: say “hi” to your local law enforcement officer!  This creemee season, the Vermont Dairy Promotion Council and the Vermont Agency of Agriculture are teaming up to sponsor a pilot program called “Creemee From A Cop”. 

The mission of this program is to promote Vermont dairy through positive interactions of Vermont law enforcement and members of their community.  Wear your bike helmet?  Cross the street at a crosswalk?  Help someone carry their groceries?  Who knows, if a cop sees this happen in Burlington, South Burlington, Winooski or Barre this summer, they may hand you a coupon good for one free creemee at a shop in those towns.  The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles may also acknowledge good driving habits on state roads with a creemee "ticket".  The coupons represent an opportunity for cops and community members to interact outside of law enforcement activities.  This year is the program’s initial test pilot limited to those towns.  The goal is to bring the program statewide next year.  

Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets Secretary Anson Tebbetts commented, “Now is a very important time to support our dairy farmers by enjoying as much dairy as you can.  Dairy farmers want to help promote safe, healthy and positive communities, and creemees can do that….especially maple creemees!”

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Participating Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Burlington
  • South Burlington
  • Winooski
  • Barre
  • Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles

Participating Creemee Vendors

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South Burlington