Pesticide Analytical Laboratory

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture is responsible for enforcing all pesticide laws in Vermont as well as having been delegated the authority to enforce U.S. Environmental Protection Agency pesticide regulations.  The Pesticide Laboratory's primary responsibility is for lab analyses in support of the Agency’s role as the regulatory entity for pesticide use in Vermont.   In this role, the Lab must be capable of testing for essentially all pesticides sold in Vermont, in essentially every kind of sample at concentrations ranging from percent to sub-part per billion levels.  Types of samples tested range from commercial pesticide products to water, soil, and vegetation, to food, clothing, and forensic analyses.  Because of the regulatory nature of the work performed in this laboratory, no samples are accepted directly from the public.

If you have a complaint or concern about possible pesticide spills, misuse or other issues contact the Vermont Agency of Agriculture Agrichemical Section.