Phosphorus Innovation Challenge

Thank you for your interest in the Phosphorus Innovation Challenge! At this stage we are working with subject matter experts to craft the preliminary details of our “reverse pitch.”  

Using this innovative method of identifying solutions to problems or challenges, we hope to identify one or more technologies that could help mitigate the impact of phosphorus in our watershed by ensuring that the right amount of phosphorus is applied to the soil at the right time and in the right place, which will in turn minimize losses to our rivers, lakes, ponds and streams.


We anticipate issuing the first correspondence regarding the reverse pitch by spring.

If you would like to receive information about the Phosphorus Innovation Challenge, please contact

Phosphorous Innovation Challenge Advisory Group:

  • Jeanette Brown, Manhattan College
  • John Cohn, IBM Corporation
  • Jed Davis, Agri-Mark/Cabot Creamer Co-operative
  • Max Herzog, Cleveland Water Alliance
  • Eric Howe, Lake Champlain Basin Program & New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission
  • Ken Jones, Vermont Agency of Commerce & Community Development
  • Tim Kenney, No affiliations
  • Bryan Stubbs, Cleveland Water Alliance           

Phosphorous Innovation Challenge Brief

WATCH: Gov. Phil Scott’s Phosphorus Innovation Challenge Press Conference

New Thinking: The Phosphorus Innovation Challenge