Grant Awards



The Clean Water Initiative grant funding of $1,151,418 has been awarded to 43 grant projects representing a wide range of organizations around the state. $884,100 was funded through the clean water fund while $267,318 was funded by other Agency of Agriculture funding.  The Clean Water Grant program represents a comprehensive, forward-learning approach towards achieving higher water quality standards throughout the state.  There were three grant categories available for funding; education, outreach and implementation, organizational capacity, and innovative phosphorus reduction activities. Recipients of funding have been selected to implement   projects designed to achieve significant reductions in nutrient runoff from farming operations, with a priority for phosphorus reductions statewide, and to meet the goals of Act 64, the Clean Water Act. Funding for these grants is provided through the Clean Water Fund, which was set up as part of the Clean Water Act. These partner organizations will be implementing education and outreach, technical assistance, on-farm visits, and farm assessments around nutrient runoff and the Required Agricultural Practices across Vermont.

The following table lists the grant projects, organizational affiliation, and the amount of grant funding awarded. 

Grant Project



Expanding VT Agricultural WQ Educational Offerings with RAP Online Quiz

Orleans County Natural Resource Conservation District (NRCD)


Small Farm Outreach: Bringing "Ag" Programs and Alternatives Home to Farmers in Vermont

Winooski NRCD


Upper Otter Creek Agricultural & Landowner Outreach & Education

Rutland NRCD


Outreach & Education on the RAP and BMP in Basins 9 and 10

White River NRCD and Ottaquechee NRCD


South Lake Agricultural Outreach Assistance

Poultney Mettowee NRCD


Agricultural BMP Planning in the Headwaters & 2nd Branch of the White River

White River NRCD


Lake Champlain Direct and Lewis Creek Agricultural Outreach Assistance

Otter Creek NRCD


BCCD RAP Outreach

Bennington County NRCD


Reducing Phosphorus Loading through Education and Outreach in the Dairy Capital of Vermont

Franklin County NRCD


Champlain Islands Outreach Project (CIFOP)

Grand Isle NRCD


Agricultural Education & Outreach Program

Essex NRCD


Memphremagog RCPP Long-Term Quality Partnership Program Management

Orleans NRCD


Organizational Development for the Connecticut River Watershed Farmers Alliance

White River NRCD


Supporting Nutrient Management Plans: South Lake Agricultural Scale Purchase

Poultney Mettowee NRCD


Facilitating the WNRCD to Empower Small Farm Outreach: Bringing "Ag" Programs & Alternatives Home to Farmers



Organizational Development for the White River NRCD

White River NRCD


Building Capacity Grand Isle County Natural Resources Conservation District

Grand Isle NRCD


Increasing NRCD Capacity to Develop and Implement Agricultural Water Quality Programs

VT Association of Conservation Districts (VACD)


Investing in the Future of Agriculture & Clean Water in Windham County

Windham County NRCD


Streamlining the Use of Soil Test Data through a Common Format

Franklin County NRCD


Agricultural Education and Outreach

Lamoille County NRCD


Precision Ag Management

Scott Magnan's Custom Service


Strategic Pathway for Inducing P Control Technologies at Vermont Dairies

Newtrient LLC


Reduction of Nutrient Runoff to Lake Champlain through No-Till Workshops and Equipment Upgrades

UVM Extension


Nutrient Management Planning Courses and Update Classes

UVM Extension


Expanding the Implementation of Innovative Cover Cropping Systems in the Northern Lake Champlain Basin and Beyond

UVM Extension


Implementing Nutrient Management Plans in the South Lake Basin

UVM Extension


Outreach Education to Help Specialty Crop Growers Meet Vermont's RAPs

UVM Extension


Developing a Web-Based Nutrient Management Platform for Vegetable Growers

UVM Extension


The Next Generation of Controlled Drainage for Preventing Tile P Loss

UVM Extension


The Vermont Manure Transfer Program: A Feasibility Study

UVM Extension


Grassland Manure Shallow Slot Injection

UVM Extension


Innovative Training Tools to Help Small Farm Operations Comply with RAPs

UVM Extension


Discovery Acres: Establishing a Research and Education Site in the St. Albans Bay Watershed

UVM Extension


Land Treatment Planning to Support NMP Development

VT Association of Conservation Districts (VACD)


Grass-Based Farming Outreach & Education

Vermont Grass Farmers Association


Soil Health Seminars

Missisquoi River Basin Association


Comprehensive Precision Agriculture Forum

Farmer's Watershed Alliance


Strengthening Vermont's Network of Grass-based Farmers to Protect Soil & Water

Vermont Grass Farmers Association


On-Farm Workshops & Farmer Follow-up for Increased Conservation Participation & Adoption

Champlain Valley Farmer Coalition


FWA Farm Mentorship Program

Farmers Watershed Alliance


Organizational Capacity Building Grant for FNLC

Friends of Northern Lake Champlain


MRBA AmeriCorps Position

Missisquoi River Basin Association


Pasture and Stream Fencing Program RFP


As part of the State of Vermont’s on-going efforts to reduce surface water pollution from phosphorus and sediment created by livestock access to surface water, the Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets (VAAFM) is currently seeking proposals to administer a Pasture and Surface Water Fencing Program, hereby known as the Program, to implement conservation practices that provide pasture management technical assistance to improve water quality and on-farm livestock exclusion from surface waters statewide. Eligible respondents include non-profit organizations including but not limited to municipalities, watershed organizations, or conservation districts; for-profit agricultural consultants and universities. The Agency is providing up to $150,000 to eligible contractors for technical assistance, design, and implementation services. Implementation funds for the cost to install the exclusion projects developed by the contractor will be covered separately under grants directly between the landowners and the Agency through the Best Management Practice (BMP) Program.

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Grassed Waterways and Filter Strip (GWFS) Program RFP 


The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets (VAAFM) is seeking proposals to establish a contract to administer the Grassed Waterway and Filter Strip Program (GWFS), from hereby known as the Program. The Program’s objective is to compensate farmers via incentive payments for participation and cost-share to cover 90% of the installation costs for establishing perennially vegetated grassed waterways and filter strips and associated infrastructure (e.g. erosion or grade control structures) if necessary on agricultural cropland adjacent to surface waters and ditches (6 V.S.A. § 4900). The program’s goal is to reduce soil erosion and improve soil and water quality on cropland that contributes a disproportionately high level of nutrients in runoff. Such areas of cropland are considered “Critical Source Areas” (CSAs), representing a small proportion of the landscape yet a high proportion of non- point source pollution loads. On cropland, these areas commonly make themselves apparent through visible rill and gully erosion.

Download Complete Request for Proposal

View and Download Request for Proposal FAQs