Maple Syrup

The Consumer Protection Section provides technical assistance and regulatory oversite for labeling and sale of maple syrup in Vermont. Retail maple inspections are done to ensure that the syrup is graded properly and is of good quality. The inspection process involves opening a representative sample of the product offered for sale.

The Consumer Protection Section provides judges for maple syrup contests and evaluates samples for color, clarity, density, and flavor. Award winning entries are chosen, taking into account all of the factors that determine a top quality syrup.

The Consumer Protection Section offers grading service for producers, co-ops, and packers wanting their bulk syrup officially graded. A fee of $4.00 per barrel is assessed for this service.

The Consumer Protection Section Chief serves as the maple specialist for the Agency. In this capacity, he serves as the Secretary of Agriculture’s designated liaison to international maple organizations, performs educational classes throughout the maple producing regions of the U.S. and Canada, and is looked to for experience in maple flavors.

Questions pertaining to the Consumer Protection Section's role with Vermont's maple industry should be directed to Consumer Protection Section.