Veterinarians/Veterinary Technicians

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets partners with Vermont veterinarians on various projects and initiatives, including emergency preparedness, disease testing and prevention, accreditation, and educational loan repayments.

To obtain an import permit, information pertaining to animal health-related issues in Vermont, or information pertaining to any program administered by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture's Animal Health Section, contact the Vermont Agency of Agriculture.

Information about rabies in Vermont

Information about requirements for shipping a companion animal or livestock species internationally.

  • For international health certificate endorsement, contact:
    Dr. Joel Russo, VMO
    USDA-APHIS Veterinary Medical Officer
  • Alternatively, veterinarians may contact the USDA-APHIS District 1 office in Sutton, MA at (508)363-2290.

Importation requirements for shipping companion animals and livestock to another state

Other information of interest to veterinarians and veterinary technicians.