Fairs, Shows and Exhibitions

Vermont's fairs, shows and exhibitions allow the public an opportunity to be exposed to livestock and poultry with which they might not otherwise interact. Managers, Superintendents and other officials at these events must take care to ensure that animals are handled and housed appropriately and that they meet the animal health requirements for entry onto the grounds.

The Animal Health Section of the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets works closely with and supports the multiple fairs and exhibitions that showcase Vermont's livestock and poultry. In order to protect Vermont's resident livestock herd, members of the public, and other animals that are at the fair or exhibition, Animal Health Section veterinarians and specialists are often present on the fairgrounds to monitor for compliance with important animal health requirements.

The tabs to the right are intended to provide resources to fair officials, animal exhibitors, and fair-goers to ensure that animals and people on the grounds remain healthy.