Animal Movement

The requirements pertaining to importation of livestock and poultry into Vermont from another state are addressed in Rule # 98074: Rules Governing the Importation of Domestic Animals, Including Livestock and Poultry.  Import Permits are required in advance of movement of all poultry and livestock species into Vermont except horses and may be obtained by calling the Animal Health Office at (802) 828-2421.

For information on transporting an animal from Vermont into another state, visit Interstate Livestock. This is an intereactive website and species are still being added (cattle and equine requirements are complete at this point). Therefore, it is strongly recommended that these requirements are confirmed by calling the agricultural agency of the individual state of destination. 


Vermont does not have requirements for movement of any animals from one residence in the state to another within the state (intrastate movement), as long as a change of ownership does not occur.