Water Quality Requests for Proposals


Agricultural Clean Water Initiative Program (Ag-CWIP) Grants

Local and regional partners play a vital role in the education, outreach, implementation and monitoring of conservation practices that will achieve reductions in nutrient runoff from agricultural operations. Additionally, partners provide a critical link between state agency programs, federal agency programs and landowners. The Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets (the Agency) is pleased to offer the Agricultural Clean Water Initiative Program (Ag-CWIP) grant funding opportunity to local and regional partners for the reduction of agricultural nutrient runoff throughout the State of Vermont. Funding for Ag-CWIP Grants is made possible through the Clean Water Fund, which was developed as part of Act 64, the Clean Water Act.

The Agency is calling for agricultural water quality program proposals that address the following priority outcomes to improve water quality in Vermont:

  • Regulatory compliance and agricultural non-point source pollution reduction: Through increased awareness, technical assistance, education, and conservation practice implementation, the goal is to achieve compliance across Vermont farm operations with the Required Agricultural Practices (RAPs), Medium and Large Farm Operation regulations. While regulatory compliance is a goal, the desired outcome related to regulatory compliance is both the reduction of agricultural non-point source pollution and the improvement of soil health. In addition to providing other benefits to farmers and the general public, soil health is correlated to the improvement of water quality on farms, and therefore soil health is a specific goal of the use of these funds.
  • Economic and Environmental Viability on Vermont Farms: Farm viability and environmental stewardship are not mutually exclusive. Economically viable farms are in a better position to afford the implementation of conservation practices and make on-farm improvements, some of which can provide long-term financial benefits back to the farm. Through farm business planning, technical and financial assistance as well as research and implementation of opportunities to increase the economic viability of farms in Vermont, farmers can make investments to lessen their impact on the environment.  This is increasingly important as farms adapt to the on-farm phosphorus reduction strategies needed to meet nutrient management requirements and overall water quality goals.
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Grant Timeline

Bid opening:     The Request for Proposals will be released on November 17, 2017.

Informational Webinar Session: The Webinar occured on December 4th from 2:30-4:30 p.m. 

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Question and Answer Period:    All Questions were submitted by December 8, 2017.

FAQ: (updated 1-3-18) This summarizes all questions asked regarding the RFP as well as the Agency's responses. 

Submittal:         All proposals must be submitted electronically via email to AGR.WaterQuality@vermont.gov by close-of-business on January 10, 2018, using the subject line “Ag-CWIP-2018 RFP”

Notification:   Proposal(s) preliminarily accepted are anticipated to be notified no later than February 10, 2018.